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The awesome bike-mounted parks were the brainchild of Rebar Group’s John Bela and N55’s Till Wolfer, who sought to find a new way to engage the community with public art and the power of the bicycle. A fleet of the lush bicycles were created for YARAT Contemporary Art Organization for their Baku Public Art Festival, which started in Azerbaijan earlier this month, along with a slew of other world class public art installations.

Each pedal-powered park bike can accommodate a rider as well as plants, trees, picnic gear or lawn games. Add on a passenger or two on the front of the bike’s “lawn,” and you have a pedicab like no other. The Parkcycle Swarm pieces can be moved easily to any area to bring a grassy knoll for reading, relaxing or hanging out with friends. The fleet can also joined together to make one big elevated green space, making a literal pop-up park sized park in the middle of an urban setting. The Parkcycle Swarm will be bobbing around Baku for the duration of the festival, which runs until September 17th.

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