No wrench, confusing screws, or undecipherable instructions – this Lander side table from design duo Parsons & Charlesworth is as easy to assemble as it is stylish. The clever design offers a new way to look at flat pack furniture – and it cuts emissions thanks to its light shipping footprint.

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Parsons & Charlesworth‘s lightweight Lander table is made using simple and economical rod and sheet metal bending processes. The top of the table is bent into a hexagon so that the legs can easily connect together. The tabletop snaps to the top of the stainless steel rod frame, which consists of three individual components connected by three steel clips. The form effortlessly transitions from a hexagonal top to a triangulated footprint.

Multiple tables can be used to create many configurations for large and small spaces. Inspired by the colors of popular lathes and milling machines, the tables are powder coated in three colors: light green, light blue, and white. Lander’s simple geometry makes it a smart addition to any residential or commercial space.

+ Parsons & Charlesworth

Images via Parsons & Charlesworth