Particle, a furniture and homeware brand, is setting a new standard for sustainability and design. Founded by Krissy Harbert and Amanda Rawlings, Particle transforms 100% recycled content from used sneakers and footwear materials into furniture and homewares. 

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A variety of placemats and coasters with plates and utensils and cups on top of them

An environmental approach

Particle operates in two sectors: HOME, offering a curated collection of pre-designed furniture and home products, and STUDIO, specializing in bespoke designs and collaborative projects. With a focus on sustainability, playfulness and inclusivity, Particle’s Homewares Capsule Collection brings new life to post-consumer and post-industrial waste. The goal is igniting creativity in every space while fostering spaces that support both solitude and communal gathering.

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A chair with a table with a plant

Creative transformation of shoe waste

Krissy Harbert and Amanda Rawlings bring their expertise in architecture and interior architecture to Particle’s mission. Drawing on their experience in crafting branded interior spaces, they recognized the demand for sustainable, well-designed products tailored to the unique needs of small urban spaces. Utilizing discarded sneaker and footwear materials, Particle converts shoe waste into coasters, placemats, chairs and stools, infusing new energy into each piece.

A stool with a another image beside it up-close of the pattern

Sustainability and design in harmony

Particle’s collection exemplifies the spirit of sustainability. By harnessing the innovative use of 100% post-consumer and post-industrial EVA waste, the brand creates thoughtfully designed furniture and homeware objects. The result is a range of captivating creations that align with Particle’s aesthetic vision while promoting eco-consciousness.

A variety of placemats and coasters with plates and utensils and cups on top of them

Playfulness and approachability

Particle’s Homewares Capsule Collection draws inspiration from the color trends of past footwear collections. Recognizing the potential in the industry’s waste, the brand transforms it into an assortment that resonates with their playful and lighthearted approach to design. Whether customers are design enthusiasts, fashion aficionados or simply looking to inject fun into their lives, Particle offers relatable and approachable products that inspire creativity and spontaneity.

A variety of placemats

Promoting sustainability and eco-consciousness

Krissy and Amanda understand that life is messy and believe in reducing waste and repurposing materials without sacrificing fun and durability. Particle’s designs are created to withstand everyday use, allowing customers to feel free to let loose and enjoy their products. The brand’s goal is to inspire while promoting sustainability and eco-consciousness, encouraging customers to embrace a more playful and sustainable lifestyle.

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