Adding to the growing LEED Platinum collection of homes in southern California including Project7Ten House and the Living Homes design by Ray Kappe, the Pasadena EcoHouse designed by StudioRMA is cited to become the first concrete LEED Platinum home in the USA. Built primarily of a green SCIPs (Structural Concrete Insulated Panels) similar to Green Sandwich Bio Panel used by William McDonough + Partners and made of 60% recycled material, the designers believe this home will be a landmark project and will have a camera crew and production team on hand to document the construction process every step of the way.

There are obvious green advantages to using the SCIPs in building, including reduced construction time, heat insulation far superior to wood framed homes, and higher sound buffer between floors and rooms, but StudioRMA did not stop there. Additional materials and systems utilized throughout the Pasadena EcoHouse will ensure a LEED Platinum certificate including, passive and active solar components which will be integrated throughout and energy-efficient systems and appliances.

The tv production of the Pasadena EcoHouse will cover everything from the individual components, their installation, and interviews with all the stakeholders from the owners, designers, and governmental officials. Cameo appearances by eco-aware celebrities and other political figures have also been planned.

Thanks to Michele for the tip!

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