Less creative individuals might just bundle up in a few more layers if they found their car’s heater wasn’t up to snuff in the dead of winter. Not so for Pascal Prokop, a 28-year-old Swiss National who decided to install a fully functional, ventilated wood burning stove in place of the passenger seat of his 1990 Volvo 240 station wagon. It’s an unlikely sight, and one might fear that Prokop’s determination to beat the cold could have hazardous results, but astoundingly his project passed muster with the Swiss Technical Inspection Authority. His vehicle is officially registered as a “sedan with wood stove.

Prokop has been driving his stove-equipped sedan around his hometown of Mettmenstetten, keeping himself warm during a remarkably cold European winter. The drastic drop in temperatures has caused hundreds of deaths as residents and municipal services across Europe found themselves ill-prepared for the harsh winter.

The car cuts a rather comical scene as it drives through snow-covered countryside — the stove‘s two meter chimney protrudes prominently from the cars roof, emitting a steady stream of smoke. As Prokop continuously feeds wood sticks into the substantial oven, we have to wonder if this is perhaps not the most efficient or environmentally conscientious solution to his chilly problem. However, his originality, ingenuity and determination are pretty remarkable.

Oddity Central reported that “Prokop likes it so much inside his car that he sometimes ends up spending the night too, mostly when he’s tired or has had too much to drink,” which, if you ask us, sounds delightfully toasty and more than a little unsafe.

You can check out the car for yourself in this video interview with Pascal Prokop.

Via TreeHugger

Lead image © flickr user GemiTux, All other images screen capture via youtube user dokuseite