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Located in northern Romania in the town of Suceava surrounded by a mature forest, Passive House Che enjoys its surrounding environment by engaging with it through large windows. Although most passive houses don’t have huge glazed walls, this one does and enjoys a high level of natural light. In fact, a central core is completely glazed and serves as an atrium for the house to pull light into the inner reaches. This is also where the home has a ground floor of grass and a net lounge accessed from the second story. The inhabitants can play or relax on the canopy and feel like they are outside even though they are indoors.

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Besides lots of light and a fun play zone, the home designed by Tecto Arhitectura is going through its passive house evaluation process and is estimated to use only 14 kWH/sqm/year. The home features natural insulation materials, high performance windows, an energy management system, and a ground water heat pump. A green roof replaces the living space lost to the footprint of the home and natural cedar slats on the exterior help it blend in with the surrounding environment. Eventually a photovoltaics system will be installed on the roof to provide energy for the home.

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