Black Friday is a consumeristic nightmare – but there are some companies using the day for good. Last week Patagonia announced plans to donate all of its Black Friday sales to charity, and they wound up pulling in a grand total of $10 million – five times the amount they originally predicted. The money will go towards grassroots environmental groups fighting the wave of climate change deniers moving into Washington D.C. next year.

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Patagonia has vowed to give away 100 percent of its profits from the single biggest shopping day of the year – and they intend to keep their promise. The company’s philanthropy goes all the way back to a 1985 pledge. Their yearly donations to environmental organizations account for just one percent of their daily global sales – but the figure added up to $7.1 million just last year.

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“This is a difficult and divisive time for our country,” Lisa Pike Sheehy, the company’s vice president of environmental activism, told CNNMoney. “I believe the environment is something we can all come together on… Environmental values are something we all embrace.” Patagonia says the decision to donate their Black Friday sales was inspired by nation’s recent political climate, since the environment does not seem to be a great concern for incoming politicians or many incumbent conservatives. The money will be given to a global network of over 800 grassroots environmental groups hellbent on saving the world.

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