With only two days left until Election Day here in the U.S., it seems as if the very fabric of our society is under microscopic scrutiny in this critical presidential election showdown. And with good reasons, as there is a lot at stake with heated environmental, economic, and political turmoil pulling at the frayed threads and purse strings of our daily existence. We believe that there is no better time to step up in sustainable style and ‘Vote The Environment’ as a testament to being responsible about the shirts on our backs as well as the steps that we take and the footprints that we leave. We implore you to get out the vote this Election Day, and do your homework regarding the candidates who are putting the environment front and center.

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Patagonia is a company that has been campaigning with this message all season long, and as advocates for clean green living (and voting), they have created several completely recyclable shells and jackets that serve as smart protection for the stormy days ahead. Change is indeed in the air, and why not gear up with sustainable products that have your back, your future, and your best interests in mind.

Patagonia has wisely expanded their line of 100% recyclable jackets and shells this season as further development of their Common Threads Recycling Program. Breathable soft shells are always in demand by rugged outdoors enthusiasts (climbers, alpine skiers, and weekend hikers even), so it bodes well that the eco savvy options in this niche continue to grow and be understood by consumers. Coupling adjustable fit with environmental ease of mind, the newest Patagonia shells seem to take cues from biomimicry, with porous shell layering that allows heat to escape from the body while also providing water-resistance, wicking, and dry interior comfort. Patagonia, Patagonia recyclable shells, Patagonia recyclable jacket, Patagonia vote the environment, Patagonia environmental outreach, Patagonia Common threads recycling, Patagonia Ascensionist Jacket Patagonia Men’s Ascensionist Jacket – $225

The Men’s Ascensionist Jacket is Patagonia’s new technical, polyester stretch soft shell that is getting lots of buzz, and with a fairly reasonable price tag for a cool weather piece, it serves as a pretty smart investment, too. For sporting tech-geeks, there are versatile features like a helmet-compatible, 3-way-adjustable hood; water-resistant zippers; large external hand warmer pockets (with ‘zipper garages’) that are placed above the harness-line; an internal security pocket; articulated arms (more biomimicry at play); supple die-cut cuff tabs and elastic at the wrists; and a drawcord hem. The Men’s Storm Jacket, also included in the Common Threads Recycling Program, is more of an upgrade on the favorite storm jacket from previous seasons, and as a 100% waterproof and totally breathable shell can still be used for activities like skiing and light mountaineering.

Not to be overshadowed are Patagonia’s women’s technical pieces for the season ahead. Though a bit pricey, the Women’s Powder Bowl Jacket is a non-fluffy eco chic all-weather piece made of 100% recycled polyester shell with a waterproof/breathable outer layer. State-of-the-art technically, but totally fitted and feminine in details and color options, the Women’s Powder Bowl Jacket is totally recyclable and proof that cradle-to-cradle design should get everyone’s vote.

With a few cool accessories from Patagonia thrown into the mix, there is a good chance that everyone can find something affordable to add to their wardrobe (as needed) for the winter ahead. Even if you opt out of buying anything new and green for Fall or Winter 08, the best look you can flaunt is that of an informed voter having pulled the lever on election day. The future of sustainability is in your and their hands.

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