Here’s a stunning sneak-peak into the Milan Furniture Fair: designer Robi Renzi of RenziVivian will exhibit a furniture collection that turns the compiling of salvaged scrap wood into intricate craftsmanship. Renzi’s design, Armadiature, is a series of beautiful armoires made up of a carefully curated collage of wood ornamentation.The large variety of discarded material allows for each piece in the collection to hold its own independent and unique character.

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If you’re an urbanite, you probably spend your days passing by tons of used furniture on the street. The unwanted furniture is most likely adorned in decorative ornament or molding, that many modern designers consider gaudy. But Renzi turns this kind of thinking full circle with Armadiature. The discarded pieces that were originally produced as over-elaborate imitations are now used as materials for today’s new craftsman.

Many times the most sustainable solution for a design is to experiment less — providing less room for mistakes and in turn generating less waste. But without a consumer driven society filled with a generous supply of great design options, trying to represent ones self in the material world could become unpleasantly homogeneous. Renzi’s design doesn’t fall into either of these possible design pitfalls. While each piece in Armadiature holds a certain unique quality, the design is still focused on the same sustainable process as a whole.

Armadiature will be presented as part of an exhibition called Let It Shine at new exhibition space, Skillart, in the Zona Tortona district in Milan.

via MoCoLoco and Dezeen