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Every time we flush a toilet, we send gallons of water through a bevy of pipes until they reach the local municipal wastewater treatment plant. There the water is treated with all kinds of often ineffective chemicals, essentially polluting our water supply. Patrick Nadeau’s Green Waters changes all of that by combining plants known for being able to filter pollutants with technology such as compost toilets to keep water local.

Instead of sending grey water to the city, water can be conserved, recycled, and treated all in one lush green bathroom. It’s like taking a shower in the jungle except in a high-gloss, almost luxurious environment. Nadeau and LG Hauys have made earthy inventions such as a composting toilet that requires zero chemicals or water to treat human waste accessible to people who like their creature comforts. Welcome to the bathroom of the future.

+ Patrick Nadeau

Via Contemporist