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The interior of the Dover Street clothing store was in need of a simple makeover, that didn’t require renovating the entire floor. Inspired by the movement of water and the sprawling roots of trees, Coudamy collected 9,715 wooden panels to create the fantastical installation. Called ‘Fantastique Canopee’ (Wonderful Canopy), the piece rushes like a force, anchored between the two clear glass escalators that flank opposing sides of the showroom floor.

Rising like a tree trunk, the piece incorporates light and dark woods with pronounced wood grain visible to the eye. At the ceiling, the piece is likened to a splash of water, spreading across the ceiling of the shop in uneven reaches.

The randomly placed arms of the sprawling wood helps divide up the corresponding floor space below, separating the sections of clothing from one another, and allowing the stock to transition from one collection the next. The natural wood of the ceiling complements the camouflaged carpet below, which along with green painted clothing racks, gives the floor an earthy and natural feel.

The concept of interior of the shop as a whole was conceived by Rey Kawabuko of Commes de Garcons, who has commissioned several installations inside the space, to create a new look without total renovation.

+ Paul Coudamy

Via Frame Mag