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Foeckler’s handmade sculptures dissect the California Coastal Monterey Cypress and gives the viewer a new perspective on the gorgeous hardwood. Each segment gives insight into the beauty of the grain and the natural patterns of each trunk and branch, highlighting their unique twists and bends. Some sculptures are inlaid with a glass core, an LED light and an amplifying lens, providing a warm energy-efficient glow.

Foeckler sources his wood by hunting for fallen limbs around his California home, hand selecting pieces with shapes and grain that inspire him. Once a piece is selected from the foot of a wooded area, Foeckler sands and refines the surface, bringing out the shape and grain. A triple coating of UV protectant keeps the surface looking true to its original form.

Foeckler’s beautiful pieces give new life to pieces of wood that would otherwise be left to rot, fusing form and function to accentuate the true beauty of the cypress.

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