Paul Lukez Architecture (PLA) is planning to build a small, energy efficient home located in suburban Boston, designed for a schoolteacher who wanted to stay in the area despite the ever-rising cost of housing. This home is classified as “Energy Plus,” which means that it produces more energy than it needs. Boston-area solar panel installers Transformations, Inc. will partner with PLA to complete this project. The custom zero energy home will have a rooftop full of solar panels, as well as other energy smart features. Instead of paying a utility bill each month, this homeowner can sell the excess energy back to the utility company, earning a nice little bonus each month simply by living in his Energy Plus home. In 900-square-feet, the slant-roof home has two bedrooms with lofty spaces and great natural light. The home will cost under $300,000, which is remarkably competitive for the suburban Boston real estate market. Construction of this efficient Energy Plus home is planned for this summer.

+ Paul Lukez Architecture

+ Transformations, Inc.

Image via Paul Lukez Architecture

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