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Althamer’s piece is not only a work of his own, but also a collaboration with other artists. Representing the artist’s gallery in Warsaw, Foksal Gallery Foundation, the crate opens up into a miniature version of its parent space. Being a mobile art gallery, the artist has asked fellow artists to create pieces for the site.  A painting by Wilhelm Sasnal hangs above, and doubles as a ceiling space. A video by Artur Zmijewski plays in the central room, and a Monika Sosnowska designed door handle opens into the space.

Like an Airstream Trailer, a booth style seat and table looks out over a round cornered prefab window. A bookshelf decked with periodicals, lamp and carpet flank the sitting room, while a mirror and sink accompany the painting and video installation. The yellow striped pop-up tented gazebo welcomes a possible outside space.

Easy to install, the piece is also just as easy to fold up, locking together to form a perfect cube. Made from durable wood, the pieces retract and link together, forming an entirely self contained gallery space.

Althamer’s portable gallery may be an art installation in itself, but has practical uses for artists in the world of high gallery rents.

+ Tate Modern