A genius startup called Blueseed recently announced that Paypal founder Peter Thiel has offered to help secure financing for a visa-free floating city off the California coast. This environmentally-sensible “Googleplex of the Sea” will provide living and office space for exceptional entrepreneurs and techies who are unable to work legally in the United States because of archaic immigration policies. Who can apply? Basically anyone who has a passport and wishes to add to a “culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and fruitful collaboration”.

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Blueseed’s venture aims to incubate ideas generated by foreign nationals who otherwise face mountains of legal battles to get a foot in Silicon Valley, and they aim to do it in style. The vessel will be parked approximately 12 nautical miles off the California coast in the contiguous zone and will be overseen by all the relevant border control authorities as necessary. Rooms will accommodate 1-4 people, and residents will have unlimited access to internet and gym services, food and medical facilities, and various kinds of entertainment.

And here’s the best part. The startup has committed to finding sustainable solutions for waste disposal and water management, and is searching for clean tech companies interested in floating alternative energy generation projects so that this city will not have an undue impact on the marine ecosystem in which it will be parked. At most, interested tenants will need to secure a B1 business or B2 tourist visa, but other than that, they will be free to work and play as though they were on home ground. Rent will start at $1,200 a month, which in San Francisco is pretty much a steal!

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Via The Atlantic