If you like the portability of the Phillips LED Candle light, but want something a bit “sweeter,” check out Nick Foley’s Pear Light. Custom made from hand-forged steel, this tree of light comes bearing fruit with rechargeable LEDs that allows you to take the lights with you down dark hallways. Once “picked” from the tree, each pear stays illuminated for about an hour. To bring it back to life, just place it back on the tree, where it will recharge for your night-viewing pleasure.

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Each pear light is ripe with 10 ultra bright LEDs and rechargeable batteries that stay connected to its power source through ultra-strong rare earth magnets. One thing’s for sure, not only does Nick Foley’s light bring a bright new twist to an old design, this is by far the most aesthetically pleasing recharging station that we’ve ever come across, ensuring constant use that will keep it out of basements and broom closets. No information has been given regarding the production of the Pear Light, but the notion of the hand-forged steel leads us to believe that any price tag will be hefty.

+ Nick Foley