Bernardita Marambio B. Pecas has created a fantastic new seating option, utilizing salvaged textiles from factories in Santiago, Chile. Dubbed the Fase#3 Stool, the simple and clean form represents forward-thinking design, highlighted by a lovely blend of colors that make up its eco-friendly new textile, Demodé.

This new material uses natural and plastic waste and is held together with a biodegradable starch-based  adhesive. According to the designer, “the high percentage cotton mix is blended together with a biodegradable adhesive where it maintains high structural strength after being sealed with greenwash.” The ease of machining Demodé makes it a popular material for many design projects, and it can be applied in many disciplines beyond furniture.

Demodè seems to be the answer to the issue of excessive textile produced by the Chilean garment industry. If they are able to establish efficient ways of producing this material on a larger scale cost-efficiently, Demodé could certainly have a wide-spread appeal.

+ Bernardita Marambio B. Pecas

Via Design Milk