When you think about it, bridges are one of humankind’s greatest achievements. They close gaps and connect places and people together. They are also engineering marvels. It takes true confidence to look across a chasm or body of water and decide to build something that will safely cross it. That’s what makes bridges so great. The pedestrian green bridge by ATRIUM is the next evolution in bridges.

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Aerial view of the pedestrian bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was a marvel when it was unveiled, while the world continues to be impressed with the Golden Gate Bridge. But nothing that has been built before looks like the pedestrian green bridge. It bridges the gap between two green areas in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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The bridge over a highway

The two areas on either side of the bridge are separated by a highway. The bridge is a perfect transition between these beautiful natural areas. It’s also incredibly visually stunning. Meanwhile, the design is made up of loops and whirls and ramps.

Pedestrians walking on the bridge

Furthermore, the whole idea was to interfere with the natural landscape as little as possible. The result is a stunning design that adds to the setting, rather than taking away from it. On one end, the bridge leads into a botanical garden. From the bridge, pedestrians find a hill with an observation deck and community spaces.

Trees on the bridge with a couple taking a photo

Designed by the global architectural studio ATRIUM, the bridge has an award-winning design. Nature is all around the bridge and it’s a part of the bridge, with trees growing along the entire length. The stunning design shows how nature’s needs and human needs can be met harmoniously.

Pedestrian bridge at night

The design has an almost Space Age look to it. The bridge is supported along cone-shaped posts that are wider at the top where they connect to the bridge. From here, they taper downward. The trees along the bridge create the look of an elevated garden, perhaps not unlike the ancient and fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The concept of bringing nature and architecture together definitely isn’t new. But this design allows safe passage over otherwise dangerous highways.


Images via ATRIUM