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The giant periscope’s exterior is made from the shipping container‘s corrugated steel. On the inside, two large mirrors are attached at 45 degree angles to the top and bottom. The supportive wooden framework was painted black so that when light is reflected off the mirrors, it creates a beautiful framed image of the expansive lagoon views through a rectangular window.

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Pedro Barata told Dezeen that the periscope is quite popular and that the impressive structure creates a new architectural perspective, “There’s always someone peeking through the vertical tunnel, trying to understand the ‘technology’ allowing them to do so. By connecting directly two different and faraway spaces, the Superiscope introduces people to architecture as hypertext.”

The Superiscope will be on display at its current location until November 15, 2015.

+ Pedro Barata e Arquitetos Associados

Via Dezeen

Photography by Osvaldo Castro and Fábio Cansado