Hamburg-based company PENSION FÜR PRODUKTE has been turning out innovative paper pendant lamps since last year. They recently debuted their latest lamp at the Milan Furniture Fair, which takes a cue from bees. The Honey Lamp is made from recycled paper that has been folded to reflect the rich textural detail of honeycomb.

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Fanning out in bulbous shapes, PENSION FÜR PRODUKTE‘s Honey Lamps look great alone, or hung together. Their honeycomb forms fold flat for easy transport, which also protects the paper’s edges. Made from 100% recycled paper, the lamps casts a warm glow, evoking warm honey running through a hive, as light seeps though the deep welds created by the paper folds. The first of PENSION’s Honey Lamp is a round shade, although other variations will follow.


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