What if you could listen to your favorite music on a stylish and environmentally friendly sound system that seamlessly blends into your home environment? That’s exactly what the creatives at Swedish industrial design firm People People asked themselves. The Transparent Speaker started out as a case project on the possibilities of sustainable design, and it soon turned out to become a fully crowdfunded mega-hit.

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Many of us love listening to music – but you might not necessarily want your audio equipment to take up all the attention in your living room. The talented designers at People People in Stockholm, Sweden, felt the same way and decided to create their minimalist Transparent Speaker, which take up as little visual space as possible. The speaker is made from glass panels, so it blends into the surrounding environment while exposing the inner audio components, satisfying both tech lovers and the aesthetically picky.

This is not the first transparent speaker on the market – most of you are probably familiar with the classic Soundsticks, a transparent desktop speaker designed thirteen years ago by Jonathan Ive for Harman Kardon. With the Transparent Speaker, People People wanted to incorporate recyclability into the design of the system as well. The materials and components chosen are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and every component can be replaced and / or recycled.

Buyers can choose to order the ready-built Transparent Speaker or build their own with the help of a DIY-kit. The kit comes with all the components except for the glass panels. The friendly guys and gals at People People will help you find a local glass dealer to create the final piece of the speaker puzzle. By ordering the DIY-kit you help reduce packaging and transportation factors by 50%, while at the same time supporting your local glass dealers.

The system plays nicely with other audio devices such as iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, Spotify, and more, using Apple’s Airplay. The speaker even comes with a specially designed easy-to-use Airport Express slot that uses the built-in amplifier as a power source. All you audiophiles and gadget lovers out there will be pleased to know that the speaker comes with premium audio components, a 6.5-inch subwoofer, a built-in power amplifier, and embedded digital signal processing. The aluminum retro-styled control panel consists of simple knobs with a classic rocker switch and LED lights.

The project has been crowd-funded by the community at Kickstarter. The Transparent Speaker is currently under production, and if you want one, you can pre-order it here.

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