Projecto Kombi, green art, cardboard combi, cardboard installation, playful sculpture, mobile sculpture, Brazilian installation

The cardboard structure can hold four passengers who, with the amusing charm of the Flintstones, take to their feet and run along the concrete roads. Attracting attention across the city, the combi causes children to stop and peer at the sight of feet beneath the structure, while onlookers hang over their balconies to take a second look.

In a country progressing swiftly with green initiatives, the cardboard installation offers a creative and light-hearted take on heavy environmental topics. The mobile sculpture encourages environmental consciousness by making a subtle critique of car culture.

Brazil’s foremost ‘eco-friendly’ city, Curitaba, is a traffic-free metropolis – the center of Sao Paulo is in drastic need of re-modelling. In a similar manner to artist Don Lucho’s cardboard worlds Projeto Kombi offers a traffic stopping alternative to the usual peaceful protest.

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