Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop has created a simple Paper Vase that turns any empty bottle into a contemporary object. Made from white coated paper that is both waterproof and strong, this flat-pack design adapts to any bottle size or shape thanks to its origami-like structure. A fresh idea, it not only provides for a unique piece of decor, but its production benefits the Indian children at the Tiny Miracle Foundation.

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Heykoop’s Paper Vase is simply a folded up skin that can be used to cover ordinary bottles in a beautiful way. It was developed in a workshop in Mumbai, India, in close collaboration with the Tiny Miracles Foundation; the kids helped with the folding, the designer gave back.

A very simple idea that’s eco-friendly, the Paper Vase benefits both people and the planet.

+ Pepe Heykoop

Photo © Annemarijne Bax