PepsiCo just unveiled a brand new, 100% renewable PET plastic bottle made entirely from plant-based resources that could revolutionize the bottling industry. Coca-Cola and other consumer giants have also made their commitment to producing sustainable packaging known, but until now, none have come as far as Pepsi when it comes to totally renewable bottles. PepsiCo’s pilot project will take off in 2012, after which the company intends to launch full-scale commercial production.

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PepsiCo’s latest development comes on the heels of their various earlier, groundbreaking initiatives, including these compostable Sun Chips bags, but could be their most revolutionary to date. Polyethylene terepthalate (PET) bottles are the scourge of the planet, given that they are not biodegradable and rely on petroleum for production.

Made from PepsiCo’s own agricultural scraps, the new “green” bottles will have a significantly-reduced carbon footprint. To begin with, they will be made from switch-grass, pine bark, and corn husks, though in time, the company hopes to also utilize orange peels, potato peels, and oat hulls.

PepsiCo’s Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi says that this new product evolved out of the company’s steadfast commitment to research and development. And the San-Francisco based As You Sow foundation, which promotes corporate environmental and social responsibility, praised PepsiCo’s advancement as a double win for the company and the environment.

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