The Singapore-based team behind the Portabee 3D printer recently launched a new personal Panther 3D printer made from parts of CNC machines. Touted as a “personal 3D printer that takes personal 3D manufacturing to the next level,” the cheap, entry-level device is built for precision output, utilizing a rigid and durable chassis constructed of aluminium with stainless-steel components.

The Panther 3D printer has a larger build envelope than its predecessor at 202 x 162 x 157 mm. It is constructed of aluminum components and stainless-steel hardware, and it has a positional accuracy of 25 microns (X,Y) and prints using 1.75 mm ABS or PLA filament. The printer features a heated print bed that is controlled through software temperature settings and can be turned off if not required.

The Panther 3D printer costs $960 and comes with 1 kg of plastic material. There is currently a four-week lead time for printer delivery.

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