We inherently love design made from recycled materials – and we love it even more is when an unusual choice of recycled materials challenges our expectations and provokes interesting questions about the nature of disposable comsumption. Such is the case with Redstr Collective’s P.E.T Abuse collection: a line of fancy “chalices” made from recycled plastic water bottles. With just a simple slice and reconfiguring of an old plastic bottle, we get a medieval-style chalice that looks better suited to King Arthur’s round table than collecting dust in your recycling bin. These look fun for parties and a good DIY craft project for kids. Considering we all have plastic P.E.T bottles making the rounds through our recycling bins, why aren’t we all making plastic chalices on a daily basis? (I smell a How-to coming…)

Redstr Collective designers Alex Valich and Christine Warren describe it like this:

This is all about high design, recycling and party time!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

+Redstr Collective