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Perhaps the most striking feature of the timber structure are the perforated white decorative panels surrounding the window and doors, mimicking computer pixels or rectangular doilies depending on one’s perspective. Enhancing the decorative features on the exterior are the pine slats of different sizes that make up the facade, resulting in Kostelov’s signature patchwork design. According to the architect, the unique wooden exterior was inspired by the ornate style of early nineteenth-century Russian architecture. Kostelov explains, “It’s reminiscent of old Soviet-time buildings when people had limited access to building materials, so as a result most private houses looked like patchwork blankets.”

Intentionally mismatched in size and direction, the disproportionate slats give the structure movement and grace on the exterior as well as the interior. On the inside, the same asymmetrical wall paneling works with the wood’s natural color and texture to emit an open, minimalist interior, providing the two-bedroom guest home with a sophisticated cabin-like feel.

+Peter Kostelov

Photos by Zinon Razutdinov