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Using wires, pieces of metal sheeting and solder, McFarlane creates representations of creatures past.  Lizards (perhaps tiny dinosaurs?), plumes of feathers, and herringboned fish skeletons are embedded in the glittering green circuit boards, as if buried for centuries. The figures on each piece seem authentic, partially submerged into the surface just as a rock fossil would be.

Circuit boards are also used as a basis and material for other sculptural installations. Dozens of horses gallop in unison, each cut out from different hued motherboards, their textures still bearing the connectors that were used when the material lived inside an electronic device. Even wires are repurposed, coiled into a straw bird’s nest and perched atop a shelf made from a circuit board.

McFarlane’s knack of taking inspiration from the recycled materials he uses is fused with his deep interest in history. The resulting body of work combines a conceptual notion of ancient history, then brings attention to the not so distant past. His circuit board fossils in particular draw attention to our rapidly changing society, where technological innovations of yesterday quickly become obsolete, their remnants thrown into the trash as technology moves on to the faster and better model.

+ Peter McFarlane

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