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The architects conceived the house as a four-partite structure comprised of a main residence, garage, storage shed and a boat house. After demolishing the previous house and garage, the architects decided to move the road from the middle of the existing meadow to a new, more secluded location. The boat house sits on four thin concrete columns, and offers wonderful views of the ocean. The main house is positioned low to the ground and is clad in unpainted wood which weathers naturally and fits beautifully into the surrounding landscape.

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The house features various sustainability strategies which allow the inhabitants to conserve energy, reduce waste and save money. The building’s envelope utilizes rigid insulation and, where it lacks wood, boasts operable glass windows. These were created by local craftsman who developed a technique which allows corner windows to open completely. The windows work with the structure’s radiant heating and cooling and help reduce the size and operating cost of HVAC equipment.

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Photos by Matthew Snyder