Today 2009 Pritzker Prize-winning architect Peter Zumthor unveiled his contemplative design for London’s annual Serpentine Pavilion exhibition. The 2011 Serpentine pavilion will be unique in that previous architects were required to have previously worked in England, and Zumthor is the first exception to this rule. The proposed offers a zen-like retreat for visitors, who will be guided by a series of pathways and staggered doorways towards an inner garden. Benches surrounding this chamber will offer a quiet space to sit and appreciate the open green space.

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Rumors about the project began in mid-October of 2010 when the Londonist posted an article speculating that he would be Jean Nouvel’s successor the following year. The materials chosen for the exhibition reflect the architect’s stoic signature style, and consist of a lightweight timber frame wrapped in scrim, and covered with a mixture of black paste and sand.

Zumthor’s 2011 Serpentine plans will follow in the footsteps of the other starchitects who have contributed in the past, and will reflect the finer qualities of his minimalist approach. What is most notable however, is the architect’s unquestionable focus on the interior garden. The sun-soaked epicenter of the exhibition (in contrast to the building’s dark, spartan exterior) is indicative of the architect’s emphasis on taking time to appreciate nature.

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Via Guardian UK