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Petit-Bain’s steel exterior is clad in vertical larch beams, which make the boat look more like a building while adding a beach club atmosphere. The three-storey Petit-Bain is centered around a theater and nightclub, which spans the two-level height, plus a few extra feet via a floor that is submerged in the hull. Paying tribute to its former life, Encore Heureux turned a buoy into a disco ball, which is strung from the ceiling of the theater. It throws dazzling lights around the venue while bands and DJs play.

The restaurant sits at river level, and is arranged to encourage social interaction, rather than quiet, private dinners. The interior is inexpensive pine plywood, which compliment the larch exterior. The windows overlook the Seine outside, and there is a bar up top that looks down upon the concert hall as well as the river.

Ticket offices, dressing rooms, a coat check, offices and bathrooms are tucked within the Petit-Bain’s interior, accessible by three-foot bridges that fold away when the building is “at sea.” From the outside, the structure extends the quay’s public park space, as it is crowned by a green terrace and hanging gardens. The perimeter of the terrace is lined with 33 white bathtubs from a housing project that have been repurposed into planters. Each tub is planted with aquatic plants from the area. The bright yellow details of the Petit-Bain, mixed with the greenery, serve to enliven the dull grey dock area.

Petit-Bain opened on July 5th, and can be found at dock 9 at Port de la Gare, near the National Library Francois Mitterrand in the 13th arrondissement.

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