As far as washing machines go, the pedal-powered GiraDora and the Laundry Pod are pretty small – but the new ultra compact Petit Laundry Swoosh can fit on a countertop! Designed by Japanese company King Jim, the washer uses just over a gallon of water to clean 250 g of clothing in 18 minutes. The device measures in at 29 x 29 x 44 cm and it’s perfect for small space living as it can easily fit inside a cupboard or cubicle for emergency laundering.

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Now along with your coffee maker and computer, you can add a washing machine to your workspace! The Petit Laundry Swoosh is able to handle both hot and cold water loads. Simply direct the supplied drainage hose to a bowl or sink, add water, and set the timer. King Jim suggests 15 minutes for a wash and 3 for a rinse. The Petit Laundry Swoosh will be available for purchase through King Jim on February 15 for 14,700 Yen ($160 USD).

+ King Jim

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