There are those who love beer, and then there are those who obsess about it, constantly looking for ways to take both the brew and it’s delivery system to the next level. It’s probably safe to say Petit Romain is one of the latter. This French industrial designer recently conceived of a way to take beer outside the bottle. Tired of round bottles in six-packs that clink together and are difficult to stack, Romain imagined enjoying Heineken out of a square bottle instead.

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This of course isn’t the first time someone has tried to improve upon the traditional Heineken beer bottle. Back in the early 1960s, Heineken debuted a rectangular beer bottle that doubled as a glass brick. Similar to that design, the Heineken Cube concept delivers optimal storage for manufacture, transport, and ultimately consumer use.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that square beer bottles would be much easier to pack and stack, saving companies money on shipping which would hopefully translate to a reduction in both carbon emissions and price. The biggest adjustment would be figuring out how safely get the beer out of a square bottle, which lacks the benefit of a long, narrow neck for both pouring and chugging.


via Complex