When Senate majority is handed to the GOP, a Republican will become the chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee. And Senator Jim Inhofe, one of the most outspoken climate change deniers in government, is set to lead environmental policy starting in January. A petition has been launched to demand that Senator Inhofe isn’t given this appointment. Why? Senator Inhofe has publicly declared that God, not people, is responsible for changes in the climate. He has compared the EPA to the Gestapo, and even says that climate change might have a “beneficial effect on how we live our lives.”

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While it seems unthinkable that somebody with these extreme views should be given the power to lead U.S. environmental policy, Inhofe is already being named the top choice of the Republicans — chiefly because he has already chaired the committee once before. When he was in charge, he had Jurassic Park creator Michael Crichton speak as an expert in a climate science hearing and made one of his novels required reading for committee members.

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In the belief that the nation’s environmental leadership should understand the difference between science and fiction, Jennifer Johnson has started a Care2 petition to present to Republican Conference Chairman Senator John Thune. Sign the petition to stop the GOP from appointing a climate change denier to the country’s top environmental job — right here!

+ Petition: Don’t Put a Climate Change Denier in Charge of US Environmental Policy!

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