In 2016, the American people will select a new president, and that person will face some of the most difficult challenges this world has ever seen. Climate change is one of the biggest problems the next president will have to tackle. With the frenzied season of political promises ahead will come a barrage of media coverage of presidential hopefuls and their proposed policies. Newly-announced presidential candidate Ted Cruz is well known for rejecting climate change, saying “global warming alarmists are the equivalent of the flat-Earthers.” Other candidates are likely to pick and choose which scientific facts they wish to believe as well, but that doesn’t mean the media has to relay their lies without keeping them in check. This new petition is targeted at major media outlets, in the hopes that journalists will hold political candidates accountable for their climate change lies. Can you imagine media coverage that included a fair and balanced reporting of scientific facts? Sign the petition today and send a message to presidential candidates that it’s time to get real about the things they say about climate change in our fragile world.


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