Looking for a productive and environmentally-friendly way to combine your love of recycling with gardening? A new product called Petomato allows aspiring gardeners to convert plastic bottles into hydroponic micro gardens by filling the bottle with water and replacing the old cap with the Petomato seed-filled alternative.

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Placed in a sunny location, Petomato seed-filled caps are a great alternative for those who’d like to grow their own herbs, fruits and vegetables, but lack sufficienct space to plant a garden. The Petomato kits can grow anything from tomatoes and basil to hot peppers and wild strawberries. Related: Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden’s Second Generation Lets You Cultivate Fresh Food Indoors

For anyone who wasn’t born with a green thumb, the hydroponic growing process is fairly simple. After removing the bottle cap, fill the bottle with water and top the bottle with the provided Petomato filter cap. Place three to five seeds on the filter top and cover with sand. With a little pollination help on your part, the seeds should begin to germinate within seven to 10 days.

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