Clean Mix is a very clever yet simple idea by Treehugger’s Petz Scholtus. Created in her studio, Poko Design, Scholtus developed a basic cleaning kit that consists of a refillable spray bottle and jar made from recycled plastic, embossed with instructions. The idea behind Clean Mix is to inspire its users to clean green with a series of instructions stickers on how to mix their own non-toxic, and very affordable, cleaning products. By mixing natural ingredients like vegetable glycerin, baking soda, tea tree oil or lemon, one can easily make their own non-toxic multi-purpose cleaners and soft creamy scrubbers — all sure to bring any home to green domestic bliss! And for those who already have empty containers lying around at home, the kit’s colored labels are also perfect for giving them a new life!

+ Poko Design

Photo © Poko Design

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