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As a company founded on the spirit of outdoor exploration, Petzl asserts that environmentalism is a central pillar of the brand’s philosophy. As a result, the new Petzl America building was designed to minimize the environmental footprint of the 55-employee subsidiary. The solar-powered building comprises 40,000 square feet of office and collaboration space, a 34,000-square-foot warehouse with high-density robotic logistics system, and an 8,000-square-foot training and education center. Despite its large size and projected doubling of staff in the coming decades, the Petzl America headquarters boasts a 40-percent overall energy savings compared to the previous facility.

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The reduction in energy use is achieved through a super-efficient GFRC system, a Variable Flow Refrigerant cooling system, reliance on solar energy, and high-efficiency lighting coupled with abundant natural lighting. The building also consumes 44-percent less water than baseline due to a combination of xeriscaping, highly efficient irrigation system, limited use of impervious ground cover, and low-flow toilets and urinals. Environmentally friendly and low-emitting building materials also played a big role in achieving LEED Platinum certification: 87-percent of the wood in the building is FSC certified, and 22-percent of the materials are of recycled content. Strategically located near two local light rail stations, the headquarters also encourages car-free or fuel-efficient transit through free public transit passes for employees, secure bicycle infrastructure, and electric vehicle charging stations.

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