Energy efficient LED light bulbs just got a lot more accessible and affordable with Lemnis’ Pharox LED bulbs! The lighting company has just release three new Pharox LED bulbs, one of which comes with the alluring pricetag of $4.95! The 200-Lumen Pharox BLU has an estimated lifespan of 10 years, paying for itself in no time!

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Available online through the Pharox website, the new bulbs were designed to encourage first time LED users to try out the benefits of the long lasting bulbs. Feeling that many consumers were intimidated by the average $20-$50 price tag for LED efficient bulbs, Pharox created the affordable 200 and 300 BLU as an introductory bulb.

The U.S. Department of Energy has said they expect energy efficient LEDs to replace 76% of lighting needs by 2030, but with this new lower cost option, that date could be even earlier. The Pharox BLU bulbs pay for themselves in as little as 6 months, so they predict consumers will be ecstatic about the savings to be had over the 10 year lifespan of the bulbs.

But the new affordable line are no frills — they cannot be used in dimmers and only come two models. But they do cast the warm white light of soft white traditional incandescent  bulbs. The bulbs also generate virtually no heat, unlike traditional bulbs that get hot and add unwanted heat to your living space in summer time. Good for 15,000-35,000 hours of usage, the bulbs are even recyclable once they’ve been exhausted.

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