As if it wasn’t full enough, multifaceted artist Pharrell is adding architecture to his wheelhouse, which already consists of being a rapper, singer, record producer, composer, writer, radio talk show host and fashion designer. He announced a few days ago in an interview with Hypebeast that he is collaborating with Pritzker Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid on a concept for a prefab house.

Pharrell has collaborated with famous designers in the past, dipping his toes in fashion and furniture design. He collaborated with fashion designer Mark McNairy on the new clothing line, Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club. And on the furniture front, he collaborated with french producer domeau-pérès on two chairs he designed, the Perspective Chair and the Tate Chair.

Now Pharell seems to be trying his hand at architecture, working with Pritzker Prize-winning architect Hadid on an idea for prefab house. For Pharrell, architecture and design aren’t a far cry from the music business. He says, “you’re pretty much using different materials but it’s the same thing. You have an idea, you create your blueprint, your schematic. You fabricate it, you build it, you set it free, you let the world see it. Whether it’s a song or a chair [or a prefab house], it’s the same thing.”

When asked what stage his work with Hadid on the prefab house is, Pharell answered with an elusive, “well, we’re going to see something through”, giving no indication if it’s been designed, will go into production or is merely a napkin sketch at this point.

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