PHAT Energy recently unveiled the PHATport 350, an outdoor solar structure that can serve as everything from a cozy, sun-sheltering patio to an energy-generating car port (imagine plugging your EV into one of these!). The self-contained solar shade will be on display at this year’s Solar Power International in Los Angeles (which runs today and tomorrow!), and the company has rolled out a quirky ad campaign that features a series of solar power fables sure to Flip Your Switch. Check out their hilarious videos after the jump!

We couldn’t think of a better place for a solar awning than perpetually sunny Los Angeles. The videos depict a mythical mermaid who, upon observing the misery of various people in their drab backyards, conjures up the solar gods to bring them a PHATport. The campaign was created to bring a jolt of excitement to the drab world of solar marketing.

As the reps of PHAT Energy state, “This is a fun campaign about a product that needs to be de-mystified. Let’s get away from product performance specs and have fun with the life benefits. So we show people kissing, dancing, and celebrating after being touched by solar energy. We have a beautiful spiritual mermaid who alters bad situations that are allegories for confusion, pollution and apathy. It seems completely appropriate to celebrate this fantastic technology with natural and common human emotions of celebration, especially when they occur under a PHATport.”

If you’re in Los Angeles today or tomorrow be sure to check out the awesome awnings and even the Solar Power Fable Mermaid herself at the PHAT Energy booth (#1125 West Hall) from 2-3:30pm.

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