As part of its 2004 “Sense and Simplicity” project, Philips has devoted the development of many new products to simplifying the way we live. Many of these products have come about as responses to straightforward questions, such as the LED bulbs we profiled earlier. Recognizing the beneficial effects that home grown herbs have on health, wellbeing, and home cooking, the “Herbarium” is a design concept that makes growing herbs on your windowsill as automated and easy as making a pot of coffee – even for the non-botanically-inclined.

Each self-contained unit is solar powered, creating a microclimate for the plant pads which contain everything necessary for growing herbs- without additional fertilizers or chemicals. Each pad is also equipped with a RFID tag, which is monitered by the Herbarium to ensure optimal growing conditions for each individual plant (whether basil, thyme, sage, etc.), providing a little extra help for those of us without green thumbs. Once the plant pad is “planted,” the herb name is illuminated on the pot rim, which also displays information such as when your home grown herbs are ready to harvest.

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