LED technology is often heralded as the future of lighting – and for good reason. LEDs are easy to produce, generate very little heat, and are super energy efficient, using only one-eighth of the power of traditional bulbs and less than half that of fluorescent lights. Now our favorite avant-electronics company, Philips, has come out with some stunning new designs for interactive LED lightbulbs.

Inspired by the thought “Why couldn’t changing a room’s ambience be as simple as switching on the TV?'” Philips has come up with a variety of ways to adjust the color, brightness and tone of a bulb with simple, intuitive hand gestures, such as touching or twisting. The “Simplicty” LED bulbs are so nicely designed (with a wide variety of interesting shapes to choose from) that it eliminates the need for any sort of lamp covering. I particularly like this icosahedral shape, which looks a bit like a biological representation of a virus.

These LED bulb designs are part of the larger Philips Sense & Simplicty design project, which the company haas been working on for the past year to demonstrate the power of simplicity-led design in driving innovation.

In Paris in September, Philips launched 25 new design concepts at The Simplicity Event at L’ Espace Grande Arche. In addition to the LED bulbs, the Simplicity line includes Herbarium, a tiny “smart” greenhouse, the Air Tree, a decorative humidifier / air purifier, and the Chameleon, a lamp which can change to match the color of any item you show it.

Photos from ShinyShiny