I have mixed feeling about candles. On the one hand, candles are simple, pretty, and can the soft glow of one can enhance the mood of any space. The scented kind can be particularly soothing, if the scent is something you like (such as vanilla or lavender). On the other hand: candles don’t last long, they can decrease the air quality in a room with their smoke, and they are prone to wax spillage. The biggest downside, however, is that they are a fire disaster waiting to happen. I have a friend whose apartment building recently burned down because someone left unattended candles burning in his room.

Recognizing the on-going candle dilemna, electronics company Philips has launched a series of electric candles. But fear not – we’re not talking those tacky candle-shaped tungsten bulbs from a decade gone by. Philips is hip to the LED future, with their new series of LED candles call “Aurelle”. The Aurelle LED Candles combine the warm glow and gentle flicker of a candle without the risks and nuisance associated with open flames.

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The Aurelle candles consist of four components; frosted glass cover, light base, recharger and adaptor. The frosted glass cover is available in four decorative shapes; round, triangle, square and tulip. (Round and square are nice – steer clear of the tulip). The light base consists of a LED rechargeable battery that provides a smooth glow similar to a candle flame providing up to 6 hours of continuous light.

I had a chance to test one of these out in person, and suprisingly, they actually look realistic and flicker in a very candle-like way. Now if only they made a scented version!

For more information, check out Philips’ website

$25 from Amazon.com