LED bulbs may be fabulous for the environment, but they aren’t always the prettiest of fittings to look at. Philips is trying to fix that with an update to one of their more popular LED bulbs, the A19. Sleeker and even more efficient, the new A19 replaces inefficient 60-watt incandescent bulbs without sacrificing style.

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The new A19 ditches the gray cooling fins and yellow phosphor that gave the previous version its industrial appearance. But the changes aren’t all aesthetic; the previous A19 consumed 12. 5-watts and the new version consumes only 11-watts. In addition to the new styling, the bulb is also more dimmable than the previous version, with all of the great efficiency benefits that LED provides.

Philips isn’t spilling the beans on the new technology used to create the bulb, employing what they call AirFlux technology to create the sleek new look. No details have been released on what the technology involves, but it is clear that it makes distinct visual improvements. The bulb will come in soft white and daylight temperatures, produces 830 lumens, and will have a retail price of $24.97.

+ Philips

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