A group of Danish students have created a super cute phone booth from an old beauty parlor hair dryer. Who knew lookin’ like a grandma could be so cool? The design is genius and seamlessly uses one device’s form and function and molds it into another completely different object. They rewired the thing, added a giant keypad, some microphones and voila you’ve got yourself a telephone.

Comet from Pedro Andrade on Vimeo.

The students were apparently dismayed about the disappearance of public telephone booths — maybe they aren’t tapped into the rise cell phones. They decided to try to bring back the phenomenon of public but private phone calls with this portable device. The booth is on wheels and can be carted around a public space. The user sits down with their head in the hair dryer — minus the curlers — and dials a number on the keypad.

The phone booth even comes complete with waiting music that’s played when it’s not in use. The minute you sit down the waiting music stops and it’s ready for your call. Our only concern is that the entire conversation is loud enough to eavesdrop on in the video above — perhaps just for demonstration? If they can make this adorable device a little quieter we’d sure sit down in a crowded train station to make a call. “Hey mom! I’m in a hair dryer!”

Via Design Boom