Have you ever wanted to paint one of your walls with a tromp l’oeil forest scene, so that when you stared across your room, instead of staring at a white wall, you would feel like you were staring into a tranquil glade? I remember this aesthetic being big in the 70’s with tromp l’oeil wallpaper of birch trees and the like. The problem with the 70’s version was that you could peel off bits of the wallpaper, thus ruining the effect. I was always a big fan of this look, (I chalk it up to nostalgia) so I have been waiting for this aesthetic to re?emerge bigger and better. Low and behold, this year at ICFF I stumbled across Natura Design Solutions, a company offering hand-painted, photo-realiistic wall murals.

The painter, Mr. Gaillard, will come to your house or apartment, survey the scene, and then personally custom-design and hand-paint an image for you on canvas, which will then be installed in the desired spot. The standard images in the collection are birch trees, bamboo groves, and various images of waves. I wonder what else Mr. Gaillard would be willing to paint? Palm trees? Cityscapes? I wonder if this trick would make my tiny apartment seem a little bigger.