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Cowlishaw has already gained popularity for his exploratory images on his Instagram and blog, Talking Tree Photo. His work focuses on documenting and capturing the quickly changing Southwest landscape, hoping to incite interest in preservation, while also showing the human intersection with the wilderness.

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Over the course of the journey, Cowlishaw will travel a whopping 9,500 miles (or more), traveling from Louisiana to the tip of Texas up to northern New Mexico and west to desert parts of California. Each step of the way, Cowlishaw will be documenting his trip, while also posting photos, anecdotes and other stories so his friends, family, and Kickstarter supporters can get updated information on his trip.

Backers of course can get goodies like signed original prints of their choice, books and magazines with the photographer’s work. All in all, Cowlishaw hopes that his epic journey will falsify the myth of the pristine wilderness, and show how human intersection has affected the region. He hopes his imagery will help people decide what to save, and to document the people living amongst these rural areas of decay.

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