Denali from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo.

When Ben Moon met Denali he was a rescue dog who was fun to hang out with. Little did Moon know that he would be his best friend and companion through thick and thin. Denali came with Moon on many trips across the country and throughout the world as Moon did his work as a photographer. When Moon was diagnosed with cancer, Denali rarely left his side–even in the hospital. And when it was revealed that Ben would have to “poop into a plastic bag” for the rest of his life, Denali (the movie is spoken from his perspective) felt bad for him, mostly because “Ben already had to pick up my poop in a plastic bag.” When it became clear that Denali was getting ready to leave the world himself, Moon decided to take him on a vagabond trip and visit all of the places they loved to go. Moon asked Denali to let him know when it was time for him to go. Denali did and died over a year ago. Moon’s photos and this film are his tribute to his friend. Try not to cry.

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