At ICFF, design company OHIO was showing something innovative: photographic transfers onto wood. The table shown above has a very subtle photographic transfer on the top. At first glance it just looks like a pattern in the wood, but upon closer observation it becomes apparent that it is an image of two people sitting and talking. I have never seen anything like this before, and was quite impressed with the result. Somehow I never imagined photographic transfers would look so nice on wood. You can actually see the wood grain through the stain. I think the success may have something to do with the designer’s choice of image and colors.

OHIO also does more illustrative decorations onto wood, such as the panel shown below.

Finally, OHIO also does reclaimed-wood furniture, such as these recycled timber blocks. The company is based in San Francisco ? my home town. Bay Area represent! San Francisco peeps, next time you are walking around Fillmore St., have a wander into this shop and check out the wares.